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Human Design Alignment

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This micro-course has 8 short modules (10-30 minutes) with opportunities for refection and integration. It can be completed in one sitting of 2-3 hours or can be completed one step at a time. You will learn the basics of your Human Design and use that information to create intentions, build practices, and craft supportive affirmations. The emphasis is on how you can take real, lasting steps towards a life that is both fulfilling and one that feels like YOURS. As with any of my offerings, the foundation is embodiment and how you can both understand and conceptualize AND feel and integrate it in a tangible way. 1. Introductions and Opening Embodiment Exercise 2. What Does Alignment Mean? Definitions of Alignment 3. An Embodied Alignment Practice 4. Overview of Human Design 5. Human Design Type and Setting Authentic Intentions 6. Human Design Signature Theme and Building Aligned Practices 7. Human Design Authority and Affirmations for Self-Empathy 8. What's Next and Final Integration

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