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'The Zone of Authenticity'

'The Zone of Authenticity' is an interactive, emergent art installation by Whitney Dawn Pyles and was one of two 2023 Juried Winners in the Installation category at international competition, ArtPrize held in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

If you are interested in having the ZOA at an upcoming event, festival, business, etc. please fill out the Contact form with your inquiry or request.

Artist Statement

Who we should or shouldn’t be is

often dictated by

our families, churches, 

schools, social media, & society.

We deeply desire to be seen 

& loved for who we are but we 

have learned that it’s neither

safe nor wise. 

The Zone of Authenticity 

is a safe space for our truest 

selves; for small truths & pleasures 

that lead to deep & complete self-love. 


When we find the courage & community 

that allow us to dance, speak, sing, 

emote & be who we are, we unravel 

perfectionism & deconstruct fear.

When we allow our true selves to 

be seen we change the world.


"This piece would not be possible without my community and the courageous humans I interact with through my work as a coach, guide & mindful movement/dance facilitator. It is deeply inspired by the attendeees, facilitators, and volunteers of Wellness Retreat MI and their radical authenticity, warmth, and compassion."

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