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You deserve to thrive.

My vision is to inspire a world where individuals embrace their innate wisdom, dance freely in their authenticity, and thrive in alignment with their unique purpose and potential.


I'm Whitney.

I am a certified Somatic Coach
& Human Design Guide.

I believe that when we can learn to trust our inner compass we spend less time in our head and more time in our life -  creating space for our desires, pursuing our passions, and prioritizing our needs.


I believe that learning to make empowered decisions begins with the body. 


I believe that minimizing the time spent overanalyzing and then questioning our decisions allows us to be more joyful, compassionate, and present people, parents, and professionals.


I weave together a unique combination of dance, body-oriented coaching, somatic tools and techniques as well as Human Design to help others access their wisdom, lean into authentic expression, invite in self-forgiveness and self-discovery, and live with more ease and confidence. 

You deserve more head space, heart space, and space for your SELF in your world. 

Human Design

Human Design is a holistic self-discovery system with roots in Astrology, the Chakra system, and the I Ching, that provides a blueprint on who you are here to be and helps you make more aligned and confident decisions. I can help you to navigate your chart & practically apply this knowledge to your life. 
To download my free guide + prompts - click here

Dance & Movement

When you dance freely you can shift your mindset, create permission, access courage and change your trajectory. Through the small changes that come through movement you can incrementally expand your comfort zone in a safe and compassionate way to shift your life's path, align your energy, and cultivate more joy and celebration in your life. You deserve it.

Somatic Coaching

Somatic Coaching helps you to cultivate a deeper self-awareness and access the whole spectrum of thought, sensation, and feeling to breakthrough old stories, unconscious beliefs, and stuck patterns. This style of life coaching allows for creative ways of working that are rooted in mindfulness and a variety of body-oriented tool, therapies, interventions, and principles.

"Whitney's workshops, classes and life coaching have all resonated with some part of me that was ready to be moved through in that moment. Her offerings offer embodiment, experience and passion, while tailoring to my (and/or the class's) specific needs. I've always felt encouraged to explore the moment in new ways with her, while listening to my own limits of comfort."

Kate Millett, Mindfulness Practitioner

Tina Derusha, 

Breathwork Facilitator

Whitney's gift is her ability to deeply connect with the energy and soul of the person before her. She got right to the heart of what I needed to hear and understand in my Human Design reading. She helped me see my absolute strengths and gave me confidence to lean into those talents even more. Her kindhearted approach, dedicated guidance, and exceptional ability to tap into her intuition make her an expert in her craft.

Libby Yost,

Professor of

Occupational Therapy

Such a great way to start a Saturday morning- moving, getting out of my comfort zone, DANCING, and being grateful for a body that is able to do it! Whitney is such a welcoming guide and educator. She doesn’t just instruct- she jumps in too, and her energy is infectious.

Nora Faber Overvoorde,

Abstract Artist

Whitney helped guide me to honor my true self, to get unstuck and away from limiting beliefs about myself, and ultimately begin living my destiny. I feel like Light Nora, invigorated, inspired, authentic, and alive with JOY!

Our Signature Aesthetic

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